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About Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is an artist, poet, and author working in Los Angeles, California. Taking advantage of the fluidity of her ink, color pencil and acrylic paints, Amber creates aqueous rainbow gradients that dominate her compositions. Punctuated by simple graphite line drawings and impactful words, her work draws on her relationship to beauty, emotion and societal expectations.


 Amber has several sold-out collections, is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient,  One Club Young Gun, Society of Illustrators Gold Medalist, American Illustration Chosen Winner, AOI World Illustration Overall Winner, and ADC Annual Award Winner. Her work has been recognized by Print Magazine, It’s Nice That, Computer Arts, HuffPost, and Teen Vogue. Some of her clients include Facebook, Warby Parker, Apple, The New York Times, NBC, Google, Gucci, Condé Nast, Adidas, and Snapchat.


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New York-based illustrator and artist Amber Vittoria’s work is focused on non-traditional, or non-idealised, representations of the female form. Her characters appear in... 

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Amber Vittoria is an artist who seeks to empower the feminine mystique through a vibrant aesthetic that references the many abstracted shapes and curvature found in nature...

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