Otherland released its inaugural limited edition artist collaboration candle, which features the work of Amber Vittoria, a favorite illustrator of founder Abigail Cook Stone. Known for her striking depictions of women, often with attention to taboo physical characteristics like body hair, Amber created an original artwork in which fresh floral patterns adorn a female form. The blossoming spring flowers evoke the fragrance notes of rich tuberose, sparkling bergamot, and orange flower. 

As scent is the strongest trigger of memory, the fragrance notes bring Amber back to late springtime in her grandmother Gabriella’s garden in full bloom. For Abigail, the scent coupled with Amber’s illustration of yellow flowers recall a field of daffodils planted by her grandmother: their blooming signaled the official start of spring every year. The yellow blossoms also remind Abigail of her late mother’s Marimekko colorblock flower pillows mixed into her Scandinavian design aesthetic. These scent memories are particularly intimate for Abigail, as both women were strong female presences in her life who represent the heritage of her personal philosophy of finding small ways to elevate everyday life. Together, Abigail and Amber celebrate femininity and the spirit of important women in their lives through the special collaboration candle.

This collaboration was awarded the Gold Medal in Surface Illustration from The Society of Illustrators.